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32 Serving Family 72 Hour Kit

32 Serving Family 72 Hour Kit

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Legacy gives you all the food your family will need for 72 hours of survival in the family emergency food kit. This portable food kit offers 32 servings of the best tasting food legacy has to offer from pasta alfredo to enchiladas, beans, and rice. With this emergency food kit you will find a favorite for everyone. Let legacy help you get prepared for any 72 hour emergency by including the 32 serving family 72 hour emergency food kit in your emergency food storage.

Emergency 25 year shelf life 72 hour food kit by legacy

There are so many emergencies happening all over the world, you never know when one will come knocking at your door. Sometimes help can take a few days to get to you; legacy want to ensure if you have to wait 72 hours for help, you and your family has enough food to survive. Legacy has put together a 32 serving family 72 hour emergency food kit. This food kit offers you 8 different emergency meals including pastas, enchiladas, beans, rice, stroganoff, loaded baked potato, chili’s, and soups. Legacy wants you and your family to be able to have variety in your food choices, even in an emergency. Legacy’s 72 hour food kit comes in reseal able, nitrogen flushed, mylar pouches, with a oxygen absorber, giving your food a 25 year shelf life.

Legacy knows sometimes you have to evacuate with just a moments notice, so they put the emergency food pouches into a heavy duty, light weight, stackable bucket, keeping all of your emergency food in one place. Having your 72 hour food kit all in one place will help save space by stacking your food storage, and convenient enough to grab it and go as well. Let legacy help you get peace of mind by having at least one 32 serving family 72 hour emergency food kit in your storage.

Servings: 32
Total Calories: 11,880
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 9 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: .67 Cubic Feet
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