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240 Serving Package

240 Serving Package

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There might come a day when disaster hits, and you need to rely on your emergency food storage. Legacy food has compiled a 240 serving package to help preppers get prepared. This emergency food storage bucket contains dehydrated entrée’s the whole family will love. In a disaster, the last thing you want to be doing is cooking a complex meal. Legacy Premium meals are easy to make, and taste great. This is the difference between Legacy and the other leading brands. Legacy also uses sea salt, and other nutrients, our bodies need to survive.

Prepper premium disaster emergency dehydrated food storage

There is always the chance that a disaster will happen. The last thing you want to experience is not having enough food to survive. Legacy has compiled an emergency food storage kit full of dehydrated food, which not only tastes good, but has great nutritional value as well. The 240 serving package comes in two stackable heavy duty buckets, making it convenient to store, without taking up a lot of room in your emergency food storage. This kit is great for any type of prepper, whether you are just getting started, or just wanting to add to your already existing emergency food storage. Having this package as part of your emergency storage will help you be prepared to face any disaster that comes your way.

Legacy Premium includes breakfasts in their emergency disaster food storage kit, including Multi grain cereal, oatmeal with brown sugar, strawberry creamy wheat, and old fashion pancakes.

Between whole wheat hearty breakfasts, and healthy well rounded entrée’s, your emergency food storage will have everything your body needs to stay healthy and thriving in an emergency disaster situation.

Everything is packaged into two heavy duty, stackable buckets, helping to save space in your emergency food storage. Legacy has dehydrated the emergency food, making it lighter to carry, as well as more compactable. The dehydrated food storage also has a 25+ year shelf life, helping to relieve the stress of rotating through it each year. Let Legacy help you take some of the stress out of planning for an emergency disaster situation.

Servings: 240
Total Calories: 97,840
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 62 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 3.18 Cubic Feet
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