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720 Serving Package

720 Serving Package

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The 720 essential serving package can supply two people with a 2000 calorie per day diet for over 4 months. The package includes 4 different breakfast options including multi grain cereal, oatmeal, and old fashioned pancakes. You also get 19 different entrée meals, including pasta, enchiladas, beans, rice, soups, chilis, and even loaded potatoes. These meals are all great sources of calories, and are packaged in 4 serving mylar pouches, flushed with nitrogen, with an oxygen absorber sealed inside, making them a long term answer for your food storage.

Long term high calorie packaged meals for your storage.

There are so many different scenarios that can play out in any given emergency situation. No matter the emergency, you will want to make sure that you have enough food storage on hand. The key is not so much how much food you have, but the quality of the food you have in your food storage. Making sure the meals your family eats are high in calories, will help ensure that they are healthier, and more likely to have a stronger immune system. Legacy premium has made packaged meals, to help supply your food storage with meals that are great sources of calories, easy to prepare, and have a long shelf life. Having meals in your food storage that have a long term shelf life will help you be able to build upon your food storage without the stress of having to rotate out your food every year to ensure it isn’t spoiled or rotten. Legacy’s packaged meals long shelf life of 25+ years, helps give you a sense of relief of knowing your meals are ready and waiting, and are not spoiled.

When faced with an emergency, having an adequate emergency storage will help ensure survival. One of the most important things to have in your emergency storage is food. A lot of people feel overwhelmed when starting their food storage preparations. Legacy Premium has made it easy, they have compiled 720 serving packages, which have a long term shelf life of 25+ years, easy to prepare, and are a great source of calories. These emergency storage packages, are stored in heavy duty stackable buckets, helping to save room in your storage areas, and are easy to grab at a moment’s notice, if you have to evacuate.

Having adequate calorie meals in your long term food storage, is going to help you be able to live out a disaster a lot easier, than if you are having to think about where you are going to get your next meal, and if it has all of the nutrients your family’s body’s needs, and craves. Make sure that you are sufficiently prepared for an emergency, so when it hits, you can bunker down, and ride it out with ease.

Servings: 720
Total Calories: 301,360
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 185 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 9.53 Cubic Feet
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