Phone Skope PYRO Putty ARC Lighter Kits | USB Rechargable

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  • DUAL ARC LIGHTER - ideal for survival, emergency fire starting, winter high altitude, summer fast burning, Eco-friendly
  • DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Add this fire-starter tool to your emergency preparedness kit and you’ll be ready for any situation. Be prepared for any natural disaster, power outage, or off-grid survival scenario with this fire-starting fuel can. Add it to your survivalist backpack, outdoor recreation accessories, or zombie apocalypse survival kit.
  • RECHARGEABLE & LONG BATTERY LIFE - Get up to 300 strikes per battery charge, along with LED indicator light for when the battery is getting low!
  • FULLY WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF - This is both water resistant and windproof! Mother nature does not stand a chance!

Whether you're a survivalist, adventurist, hunter, avid outdoorsman, or enjoy some hotdogs in the backyard during the summer, you know that getting a fire started can be challenging; especially when you're facing wind, rain, or poor weather.

That's why we created a smarter, more efficient, non-toxic fire starter to support every adventure-Pyro Putty.

Versatile enough to burn strong through rain, snow, sleet, wind or shine, Mother Nature won't be able to keep you from starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, or survive comfortably through the night.

A proprietary, patent-pending putty that's pliable, sticky, and totally waterproof, simply stick it to logs, a torch, or tinder and create a fire that continues to burn for up to 15 minutes with a single quarter-sized dab. Stay safe out there without slowing yourself down with propane, complicated fire starters, or lighters that need to be recharged.

Choose Pyro Putty and be ready for every adventure.

Product Details:


  • True Survival Fire Starter
  • Multiple Ignition Options
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Burns Up to 15 Minutes (Quarter Size)
  • Volume per Can: 2 ounces
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Always Check Local Fire Laws