Phone Skope PYRO Putty Charcoal Starter 8 OZ Can

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  • KING OF THE GRILL: Designed to start your charcoal and maintain flavor for your backyard BBQs, neighborhood block parties, and family cookouts. Don’t settle for the lighter fluid taste on your steaks or burgers — the PYRO Putty Charcoal Starter helps you light your charcoal with ease and get the natural fire-grilled flavor that you deserve.
  • QUICK-START FIRE: A proprietary, patent-pending putty that's pliable, sticky, and convenient, this charcoal starter makes charcoal lighting easier than ever before. Simply stick 2 – 4 nickel-sized dabs around the charcoal and light. Don’t mess with tricky starter buttons or complicated ignition systems — this putty makes it easy to light charcoal in cold and unpredictable weather.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our putty is non-toxic, petroleum-free, and burns clean! It’s designed to be environmentally friendly and safe to use for cooking beef, pork, veggies, fish, and more! This eco-friendly putty makes it easy to start fires in heavy winds, rain, sleet, snow, and more.
  • OUTDOOR ACCESSORY: Whether you’re grilling in your backyard, the backcountry, or on a backpacking trip, this putty makes it easy to cook food in any situation. This putty can be used with charcoal, smoking pellets, or wood. It’s ideal for any hunter, hiker, and outdoorsman because it can be used to start fires in emergencies or light charcoal for grilling.
  • SAFE STORAGE: This 8 oz. can contains enough putty to light charcoal up to 100 times. Keep it in your survival set, emergency preparedness pack, or 72-hour kit and be ready for any situation. Traveling with lighter fluid or other fuel can be dangerous — this putty comes in a can that keeps it safe while you hike, kayak, camp, and explore in the outdoors.