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19 Servings - 1 lb Freeze Dried Diced Beef

19 Servings - 1 lb Freeze Dried Diced Beef

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When preparing for an emergency, one thing everyone always thinks about is having enough food in their disaster storage. One thing people may overlook is how healthy the food is in their disaster storage. Making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs, will ensure your body can perform at its best, while in an emergency. Legacy can help you add nutrients to your emergency disaster storage through their entrees and freeze-dried meats. Freeze-dried meats are easy to prepare and are very versatile. You can use freeze-dried meats such as beef dices as a main dish, add it to stew or soup, or even throw it in chili, or any other emergency food storage meal. Making sure you and your family have a well rounded diet will help ensure you stay healthy and strong.

Legacy Essentials Features
  • Freeze dried, high quality ingredients
  • Resealable bag
  • Up to 15 year shelf life
  • Will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag stands easily on a shelf
  • Excellent addition to your food storage or daily use

Easy to prepare freeze-dried meat for your disaster emergency storage

Legacy premium can help you put together emergency disaster food storage full of foods well rounded, easy to prepare, freeze-dried meals. They offer freeze-dried meats to help you get the most out of your meals.

In an emergency disaster situation it is important to make sure your body is getting as many nutrients as possible. Legacy offers packages of freeze-dried meats, to add to your freeze-dried meals, helping add important nutrients that are hard to get from other foods.

Legacy’s easy to prepare freeze-dried dried beef dices have 23 grams of protein per serving (that is half the daily serving requirement for kids).Freeze-dried beef is also a great source of iron and vitamin B, and phosphorus.

Having Legacy’s freeze-dried meat on hand, will help you add variety, flavor, and calories needed to stay healthy during a disaster emergency. Let Legacy help you stay healthy and strong by adding easy to prepare freeze-dried meat to your emergency disaster storage.

1 Bag
Servings: 16
Total Calories: 130
Shelf Life: 10-15 Years
Weight: 1 Pound (lb)
Total Dimensions: 0.28 Cubic Feet
6 Pack
Servings: 96
Total Calories: 780
Shelf Life: 10-15 Years
Weight: 6 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.23 Cubic Feet
6 Pack w/Bucket
Servings: 96
Total Calories: 780
Shelf Life: 10-15 Years
Weight: 8.2 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.23 Cubic Feet
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