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1080 Serving Package

1080 Serving Package

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The 1080 serving package includes a variety of meals. Instead of just one choice for breakfast, legacy provides 4 different breakfast options, including multi grain cereal, oatmeal with brown sugar, strawberry creamy wheat, and even old fashion pancakes. All of the meals provide high quality calories, and are easy to make, but just adding water. These meals are great to have in any emergency.

Best tasting breakfast survival meals from Legacy

Whether you live in a place that is prone to natural disasters, or live in a place with a mild climate, there is always the chance an emergency will happen, and you will have to depend on your food storage for survival. Legacy has compiled a 1080 serving package of meals which will feed one person 3 meals per day for 1 year, or a family of 4, 3 meals a day, for 3 months. Consumers who have bought this kit have said it contains the best tasting emergency meals on the market. Why not enjoy your meals in an emergency, instead of just eating them for survival.

With so many different types of emergencies that one can face, you never know when the next one will happen. It could be tomorrow, or 15 years from now. No matter the time frame, make sure that you are prepared with the emergency supplies needed for survival. Legacy has helped you with the preparation of emergency meals, which include the best tasting breakfast meals offered on the market. Survive your next emergency with ease, and savor the food you eat, instead of just enduring your meals, so you have something in your stomach.

Legacy not only makes the best tasting emergency survival meals, but also has went the extra mile to package their emergency survival meals in flushed nitrogen mylar pouches, with oxygen absorbers, to give them a 25+ year shelf life. The meals are then compiled in a heavy duty, light weight stackable bucket, which makes it easy in an emergency, if you have to relocate, and need to grab them and go.

Servings: 1080
Total Calories: 452,040
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 277 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 14.3 Cubic Feet
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