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120 Serving Gluten Free Entr̩ee Bucket

120 Serving Gluten Free Entr̩ee Bucket

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If you are one of the many people that suffer from food allergies or food sensitivities, it can sometimes be hard to know what emergency foods to stock your disaster food storage with. Legacy wants to help people be prepared with the foods their body needs. Legacy knows some people suffer from gluten allergies. Legacy has put together a 120 serving gluten free entrée bucket to help people who are sensitive to gluten. Legacy wants you to be able to enjoy your food and without having to worry if you are going to get sick or not.

Legacy’s disaster freeze-dried and dehydrated gluten-free food

Legacy is always trying to find better ways to help people make it through a disaster. They want you to be as prepared as possible in a disaster. Legacy knows that people have food sensitivities and allergies to different foods, and wants to help you get food to fit your needs. For example if you suffer with a gluten allergy, Legacy wants to make sure you have gluten-free meals as part of your disaster storage. Legacy has created gluten-free freeze-dried and dehydrated foods just for you. Legacy’s 120 servings gluten-free freeze-dried dehydrated entrée bucket offers you 9 different entrees including enchiladas, beans, rice, loaded bakes potato, chili, and soups. Legacy wants you to be able to enjoy a variety of foods and still be able to stay healthy.

Legacy’s freeze-dried dehydrated foods are made with the highest quality ingredients making them not only taste good, but good for. With the 120 serving gluten-free food bucket you will get entrees high in fiber and made with natural ingredients such as sea salt, but are GMO free, Cholesterol free, and have no MSG. All 120 servings of your gluten-free entrees have a 25 year shelf life, and come in heavy duty, light weight, stackable buckets making it easy to store in small spaces, yet easy enough to grab and take with you in a disaster. Supply your disaster storage with Legacy’s 120 serving gluten free entrée bucket and be prepared with meals you know your body needs to stay healthy.

Servings: 120
Total Calories: 40,000
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 27 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.59 Cubic Feet
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