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16 Serving Family Entr̩ee Pack

16 Serving Family Entr̩ee Pack

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When faced with an emergency, you want to make sure the entrees you have on hand are ones you and your family will eat. Legacy wants to make sure you know what you like before investing in a lot of freeze-dried dehydrated entrees, your family may or may not like. Legacy has put together a family entrée sample pack, to let you get a taste of what you can expect from legacy’s freeze-dried dehydrated entrees packages. Once you sample legacy’s entrees you can be confident your family will enjoy the entrees you provide them in an emergency.

Long term high calorie packaged meals for your storage.

With so many different freeze-dried entrees out on the market, it is hard to decide what your family will and will not eat. Legacy understands building up your dehydrated food storage can be expensive; this is why they have compiled a package of 16 servings of 4 of their favorite meals for you to try before making the commitment of buying in bulk. Once you sample legacy’s entrees you will get an idea of what you can come to expect from their freeze-dried meals.

The dehydrated serving entrée sample pack includes legacy’s creamy pasta primavera, enchilada, beans, and rice, stroganoff, and their classic chili mix. All of these freeze-dried entrees have a long term shelf life of 25 years, and are a great to sample our entrees.

Legacy has designed dehydrated foods which are easy to prepare by just adding water. Legacy’s entrée sample pack is great to have on hand to take camping, every day eating, and as part of your long term food storage. Making sure you have great tasting freeze-dried food in your emergency storage, will ensure your family will want to eat the meals you can provide for them in an emergency.

Legacy packages their freeze-dried entrees in mylar nitrogen flushed pouches with oxygen absorbers, giving them a 25 year shelf life. The family sample entrée pack has 16 servings and comes in 4 pouches. Let legacy help you prepare for an emergency by including their freeze-dried dehydrated entrée packages in your storage.

Servings: 16
Total Calories: 6000
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 6 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 12"x8.5"x4.5"
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