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24 Servings Assorted Sides Sample Pack

24 Servings Assorted Sides Sample Pack

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With so many different options in the emergency freeze-dried food world, it is hard to decide what you like and don’t like without buying in bulk, and then realizing you don’t like it and now you have 10 lbs of it to eat. Legacy knows how expensive food storage is, and wants you to be able to sample a variety before you commit and buy in bulk. With Legacy premiums easy freeze-dried sample food package you get 24 servings of 6 different sides, so you and your family can taste, and then decide what works for you and what doesn’t. Let Legacy help you stock your emergency food storage with freeze-dried food your family will eat.

With so many different disasters occurring all over the world, you never know when one could hit close to home. Legacy premium wants to make sure you have freeze-dried food in your emergency storage your whole family likes. Legacy has put together a sample package of easy to prepare freeze-dried side dishes your whole family can taste test to decide what should go into your emergency food storage, and what should be left out. Adding freeze-dried side dishes to your emergency food storage will help to add more vitamins and minerals to your main meals. The 24 serving assorted side sample pack includes 6 differed freeze-dried side dishes including succulent strawberries, crunchy banana chips, creamy mashed potatoes, parboiled rice, refried beans, and green beans. All of Legacy Premium's side dishes are easy to prepare by just adding water.

Legacy premium wants you to be able to eat healthy even in an emergency, without having to worry about rotating your freeze-dried food every year to keep it from spoiling. Legacy packages their freeze-dried foods in mylar pouches, flushed with nitrogen, with an added oxygen absorber to ensure freshness, and up to a 25 year shelf life.

Let Legacy help you and your family decide what flavors and varieties of freeze-dried side dishes you want to have as part of your emergency storage, and get peace of mind knowing you have food your family will love when an emergency hits.

Servings: 24
Total Calories: 6080
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 5 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 0.27 Cubic Feet
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