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4320 Serving Package

4320 Serving Package

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Whether you are a prepper that has an established emergency storage, or are just getting started, Legacy Premium has compiled a package of 4320 servings of dehydrated food to add to your storage. When disaster hits, you want to make sure that you have enough food, to make it through, healthy and strong. Legacy premium has dehydrated prepared meals, to help do just that. Their dehydrated food is prepared, and stored in nitrogen flushed mylar bags, and sealed with nitrogen absorbers, giving them a 25+ year shelf life, making them readily available when a disaster hits.

25 year shelf life prepared disaster dehydrated storage from Legacy premium.

No matter where you live, there may come a time you have to use your emergency storage. Making sure you are readily prepared for a disaster, will help you avoid adding stress, to an already stressful situation. Legacy Premium has put together a dehydrated disaster package to help relieve you of that stress.

The disaster storage pack contains a combination of 4320 servings of dehydrated breakfasts, lunch, and dinner entrees, which have a 25 year shelf life. Legacy has included variety in their disaster storage kits, with breakfasts including multi grain cereals, oatmeal with brown sugar, strawberry creamy wheat, and old fashion pancake mix. The Entrée’s include 19 different varieties such as pastas, enchiladas with rice and beans, loaded potatoes, chicken a la king, and other amazing meals, making your disaster storage flavorful.

The disaster dehydrated food storage is compiled into a heavy duty, light weight, stackable bucket. The 4320 serving storage pack buckets are designed to fit into a space as small as the area a washing machine would take up. Making sure that you are prepared for a disaster is not only going to help you and your family survive, but also give you the calories your body needs in an disaster. The higher quality food you and your family eats, with the calories your body needs, will help increase your health, and immune system, and decrease sickness. Let Legacy Premium help in a disaster, by providing you and your family with dehydrated food storage you need to keep your family healthy, and strong.

Servings: 4320
Total Calories: 1,808,160
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 1108 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 14.3 Cubic Feet
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