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5 Gallon Stackable Blue Water Tank ‐ Set of 6 w/2 spigots and water treatment

5 Gallon Stackable Blue Water Tank ‐ Set of 6 w/2 spigots and water treatment

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The 5-Gallon Blue Water Container from Legacy Premium is the perfect solution for efficient and effective water storage. Water storage is critical for any emergency preparations, and most survival experts agree that having at least 1 gallon of water per day per person is essential. Each BPA-Free water container will store 5 gallons of water, is made of heavy-duty, food grade plastic, and keeps light out to help control algae growth. Packages up to 30 Gallon options!

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Package Information

5-gallon Food Grade Water Tank
Portable, Stackable Water Box
Easy to Fill
(water not included)


Emergency 5-Gallon Water Storage Container

Most hardcore survivalists would tell you that having a great plan for water matters more than food storage, especially during the first 72 hours of an emergency. Most of us are familiar with the huge, 55-gallon blue barrels and while those barrels have their place, having a portable emergency water solution is critical. Each 5-gallon water tank from Legacy is made from heavy-duty food-grade plastic, weighs about 40lbs when full, and has a built-in handle for easier transportation. 

Each BPA-Free Blue Water Container holds 5 gallons of water, comes with a vent cap for better pouring, has a 3/4 inch threaded opening, and is made to be stacked. These food-grade containers are blue to limit light from entering and to control the outbreak and growth of algae in your water. Each container is roughly 15"H x 10"W x 12"D, making it highly portable and a small footprint for storage. 

Included in the 10-gallon kit is a spigot that simplifies pouring and attaches right to the provided cap. With the 20-gallon kit, an aquatab water purifying system is also included, as well as the spigot. Get your emergency water storage in a better place with a few of these heavy-duty, 5-Gallon Blue Water Containers from Legacy, you won't regret it!

30-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Kit ($149.99) - 

  • Six 5-Gallon Tanks
  • 2 Spigots Included
  • Aquatabs Water Purification Kit Included 
  • When Filled Provides 1 Month Supply of Drinking Water for 1 Person (1 Gallon per day)

*** Recommended for upright storage ***

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