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60 Serving Entree Bucket

60 Serving Entree Bucket

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There is never a better time like the present to get prepared for a disaster. Whether you are a seasoned prepper, or just starting out legacy has something for everyone. Legacy offers a variety of foods and meals for everyones needs and budget. Let legacy help you prepare now by adding servings of healthy calorie foods and entrees to your disaster food storage.

Disaster healthy calorie food and entrée servings for preppers to get prepared by legacy

Legacy wants to help preppers prepare for any disaster that may come your way. Legacy has put together a 60 serving entrée bucket to help you add healthy calorie entrees, as well as variety to your disaster food storage. The 60 serving entrée bucket has enough entrees for 1 month of lunch and dinners for 1 person. Legacy’s 60 serving entrée bucket includes 15 different entrees including Italian pasta with marinara, enchilada, beans, and rice, to loaded baked potato and creamy a la king.

Legacy packages their food and entrees in nitrogen flushed, mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, making your food last for 25+ years. Legacy has spent a lot of time creating great tasting entrees that are healthy. The calories you find in legacy’s entrees are from high quality healthy ingredients, ensuring any prepper the servings you prepare are rich in vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive any disaster.

Legacy compiles all the 4 serving pouches into a bucket making it convenient to grab your 60 serving entrée bucket and go in a disaster evacuation. Legacy designed a compact, light weight, durable plastic bucket to help save room in preppers food storage. Let legacy help you be prepared by including at least 1 60 serving entrée bucket per person in your disaster food storage, to make certain you and your family are prepared for any disaster that may come your way.

Servings: 60
Total Calories: 20,880
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 16.15 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.23 Cubic Feet
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