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60 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket

60 Serving Gluten Free Entree Bucket

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You never know when you may be faced with an emergency. Making sure you have enough food in your emergency food storage will help decrease stress in an already stressful situation. Legacy can help you get ready for an emergency with their 60 serving gluten-free gourmet entrées. With a 25 year shelf life, you won’t have to worry about rotating your emergency storage every year, and will be prepared if an emergency happens.

25 year shelf life gourmet gluten-free emergency entrees by legacy

There is always the chance of an emergency occurring. Making sure you have what you need will make the difference between surviving comfortably and struggling to survive. Plus if you have food allergies such as gluten, you will want to make sure you have food to cater to your needs, so you won’t be even more miserable, in an already dire situation. Legacy can help provide you with everything you need to ensure you are comfortable and eat the foods your body can digest. Legacy offers a 60 serving bucket of gluten-free entrees of lunches and dinners to last you 30 days. Legacy has compiled pastas, enchiladas, stroganoff, loaded bake potato, creamy a la king, soups and chili’s that are all gluten-free into one bucket letting you eat gourmet meals and have variety.

Legacy packages their entrees in mylar pouches flushed with nitrogen, and an oxygen absorber, giving each of their emergency meals a shelf life of 25 years. Legacy then puts all of the different entrees into one convenient, stackable, durable, light weight, BPA plastic bucket. This stackable bucket makes it easy to save space in your emergency storage, while still being handy enough to grab and go if you have to evacuate. Get prepared for an emergency by adding servings of legacy’s gourmet gluten-free entrees to your emergency storage.

Servings: 60
Total Calories: 18,920
Shelf Life: Up To 25 Years
Weight: 15.06 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.23 Cubic Feet
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