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Bobcat Stove

Bobcat Stove

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Whether you are looking for a cooking source to add to your emergency storage, or one for camping and backpacking, legacy has got you covered. Legacy premium has designed a stove which is light weight, and compactable. This stove is made of aluminum, is multi fuel, and fold flat for storage or transfer. Let legacy help you get the convenience of cooking with a stove, without the inconvenience of hauling around a portable stove which can be heavy, and bulky causing more havoc than good.

Be prepared with legacy premiums emergency disaster survival stove

With so many different ways to prepare for an emergency disaster, it can be difficult to know if you have everything you need. Some of the important things to have in your emergency survival storage are food, water, and a stove. A lot of people think of the food, and water, but forget about needing something to cook on. Legacy premium has designed an emergency survival stove, which is made out of aluminum, making it light weight, and foldable, making it compact.

Some people think they will just use their home stove when an emergency hits, the problem is a lot of stoves are electric, and if the power is out, you won’t be able to use them, also if you have to evacuate, you will not be able to take a clunky stove with you. Legacy’s bobcat emergency stove is a reliable stove, with a sturdy top rack to put cooking pans on, and has enough room for 3 fuel cells for faster, more efficient heating and cooking.

Making sure you have the necessities in your emergency survival storage, will help make a disaster situation a little more pleasant, and a lot less stressful. Let legacy help you take some of the stress out of preparing for a disaster, by adding a bobcat emergency cooking stove you’re your emergency storage.

Bobcat Stove Features -

  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, emergency situations, and more
  • Folds Flat for Simple, Easy Storage
  • Sets Up in Less than 1 Minute
  • Large Capacity for Multiple Fuel Sources, including up to 3 ThermaFuel Cans
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