44 Serving Freeze Dried Pineapple Pouch

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Whether you are a prepper looking to add a powerhouse full of nutrients to your food storage supply, or just want to add some variety, Bulk dried pineapple is a great option. Legacy premium has freeze dried their pineapple, making it easy to enjoy all year around. Freeze dried pineapple is a great source of calories, and is perfect for putting in meals, smoothies, salsa, and salads. You can soak it in water for 3 to 5 minutes to rejuvenate it back to its original fresh succulent taste. Making sure the meals in your emergency food supply have the nutrients, and vitamins you and your family need, will help you to stay healthy during emergency times.

Legacy Essentials Features
  • Freeze dried, high quality ingredients
  • Resealable bag
  • Up to 15 year shelf life
  • Will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag stands easily on a shelf
  • Excellent addition to your food storage or daily use

Dried pineapple preppers meals for your food supply

Whether you are a prepper with a stock pile of supplies in your emergency food storage, or are just starting out, you want to make sure you have healthy ingredients in your supply. Make sure your meals have nutrients and healthy calories to keep your families body healthy and strong. Legacy premium can help with this. They offer dried fruits, such as dried pineapple. Dried Pineapple has over 80 different nutrients, and is packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is a big immune system booster. Making sure you have foods in your supply with vitamins to boost your immune system, are going to ensure your family doesn’t get sick as easily in a emergency situation.

Dried pineapple is not only a great immune booster, but also just an amazingly tasting fruit which adds variety to your meals. Since the pineapple is freeze-dried you can eat it straight out of the bag, add it to salads, smoothies, and salsas, or on the side to make meals complete. If you soak it in water for 3 to 5 minutes you will be able to experience the succulent taste, just as if you have just cut open a fresh pineapple and cut you off a chunk.

Legacy freeze dried pineapple is packaged in mylar pouches, with nitrogen flush, and an oxygen absorber, making their shelf life last up to 15 years. Having food that has a long shelf life, gives you peace of mind your food storage is ready when, and if you need it in an emergency. Making sure you have meals which include healthy calories such as dried pineapple will ensure you and your family stay healthy and strong during an emergency situation.

1 Bag
Servings: 44
Total Calories: 40
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 1 Pound (lb)
Total Dimensions: .28 Cubic Feet
6 Pack
Servings: 264
Total Calories: 240
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 6 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.59 Cubic Feet
6 Pack w/Bucket
Servings: 264
Total Calories: 240
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 10 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions: 1.59 Cubic Feet