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22 Servings Freeze Dried Strawberries Pouch

22 Servings Freeze Dried Strawberries Pouch

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Freeze Dried Strawberries

When prepping for an emergency. You will want to include variety into your food storage. Having variety, takes away the monotony of eating the same meals. Even including something simple as freeze-dried strawberries, will help add variety, along with vitamins and minerals to a meal. Legacy premium had made packaged freeze-dried strawberries, making them easy to have as part of your storage, and versatile enough to use in everything from breakfast, to snacks. having a variety of healthy foods in your storage will help ensure your family eats well rounded meals from breakfast to dinner when an emergency hits.

Legacy Essentials Features
  • Freeze dried, high quality ingredients
  • Resealable bag
  • Up to 15 year shelf life
  • Will last up to 1 year after breaking seal
  • Bag stands easily on a shelf
  • Excellent addition to your food storage or daily use

Dehydrated breakfast packages are easy to prepare and great for storage

While it is important to have food storage, you want to make sure you are including healthy dehydrated foods. Legacy premium can help you include healthy foods in your storage with their freeze-dried strawberries. Freeze-dried strawberries are packed with anti oxidants, high in vitamin C, low in natural sugar, and provide potassium. This super fruit is a great additive to have in your storage, or as an everyday snack. Freeze-dried strawberries are easy to eat in breakfast foods such as pancakes, fruit parfaits, muffins, smoothies, and cereal. They are also great for snacks, or mixed in with trail mix, or as a topping on ice-cream. No matter how you choose to eat them, you and your family can benefit from the nutrients they contain

Legacy Premium packages their freeze-dried strawberries in mylar pouches, flushed with nitrogen, and an oxygen absorber, giving them up to a 15 year shelf life. Freeze-dried strawberries last longer than fresh strawberries, and are great to add to your food storage. Being able to include rich anti oxidant fruits high in vitamins and minerals is going to help protect your family’s immune system from sickness and disease in an emergency, and help balance out your food supply. Making sure your storage includes freeze-dried strawberries and other dehydrated foods, ensures you are prepared when a disaster hits.

1 Bag
Servings: 22
Total Calories: 330
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 0.2 Pounds (lbs)
Total Dimensions: 0.28 Cubic Feet
6 Pack
Servings: 132
Total Calories: 1980
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 1.2 Pounds (lbs)
Total Dimensions: 1.59 Cubic Feet
6 Pack w/Bucket
Servings: 132
Total Calories: 1980
Shelf Life: Up To 15 Years
Weight: 2.4 Pounds (lbs)
Total Dimensions: 1.59 Cubic Feet
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