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Bobcat Stove With Set Of 4 Therma Fuel (16Hrs) w/Wrench And Gloves

Bobcat Stove With Set Of 4 Therma Fuel (16Hrs) w/Wrench And Gloves

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When faced with an emergency, you want to make sure you are prepared. Legacy has put together some kits to help you have peace of mind you have the essential things you need for survival. One kit legacy offers is the bobcat emergency stove with survival fuel source. This kit includes not only the stove to cook on, but also the fuel you will need to use the stove. Making sure you are prepared with the right equipment will make surviving an emergency disaster a lot more bearable.

Emergency disaster survival stove and fuel by legacy

Whether you are a seasoned prepper, or a beginner prepper, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment when an emergency hits. Legacy offers an aluminum stove which is light weight, and folds flat making it easy to take with you camping, or easy to add to your emergency storage. Legacy’s emergency disaster stove comes with enough fuel for 16, 48, and 96 hours. Depending on what you are going to use your stove for will help determine how much fuel you will need. Each fuel cell offers a 4 hour of burn time, and easily boils 4 to 6 cups of water. Legacy’s fuel cells can be used more than once, being extinguished between each use. Each fuel cell can cook on average 4 to 6 meals. Legacy’s fuel cells are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic making them safe to use inside or outside.

Legacy wants to help you be prepared for survival when an emergency hits. Making sure you include a stove with enough fuel to get you through the disaster will help ensure to make your emergency a lot more manageable, and take care of all of your emergency disaster cooking needs. h

ThermaFuel Features -

  • Smokeless and Odorless
  • Clean Burning - No Toxic Fumes
  • Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Usage
  • 20 Year Plus Shelf Life
  • Re-Usable.  Use flame when needed, extinguish when finished.  Reseal Cap for Storage.  Re-light when needed.
  • Increased burn time (4 hours compared to previous 2.5 hr)
  • Improved wick material for better output
  • Added wrench to help with opening and closing cans easier
  • Added gloves to help safely handle cans of fuel 
  • Use multiple cans to bring water to a boil (up to 3 cans at a time) and remove cans to simmer -> this is more fuel efficient!
  • Tested boiling of 6 cups of water in 2 quart thin wall aluminum pot with lid showed boiling in 20-25 minutes, then approximately 20 minutes of cook time.  Boiling time can vary depending on the type of pot used.  Best results with smallest possible pot size, good lid and thinner walled pot. 


Unscrew lid.  Place the fuel cell in the stove.  Light match and hold flame against a wick for 10 seconds.  The flame from the fuel cell will not immediately be seen as the flame starts slowly and builds over the first half minute or so.  Use the flame as long as desired.  To extinguish carefully place the lid back over the fuel cell.  Use tongs or other tool to avoid the flame when placing the lid back over the fuel cell. 

Bobcat Stove Features -

  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, emergency situations, and more
  • Folds Flat for Simple, Easy Storage
  • Sets Up in Less than 1 Minute
  • Large Capacity for Multiple Fuel Sources, including up to 3 ThermaFuel Cans
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