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Fruit Garden Non Hybrid Seed Kit

Fruit Garden Non Hybrid Seed Kit

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Long-Term Storage Seeds Emergency Survival Fruit Garden

Legacy Premium offers several varieties of long-term garden storage seeds in order for you to cultivate your own food and to be free from relying on anyone else for sustenance. With ten different types of fruits included, long-term storage fruit seeds add important nutrition to your emergency survival food storage. The garden fruit seeds kit comes with a highly informative growing guide. Keep survival storage seeds in the freezer to extend past the five-year shelf life.

Legacy's emergency survival fruit garden storage seeds provide various melons, pumpkins, strawberries and watermelons. Picture biting into fresh fruit while others are limited to bland, long-term storage foods. Imagine how tasty a pumpkin pie would be during an emergency survival situation! That would be just the boost you, your family and even your neighbors will need after living off long-term storage foods for a time. Plan now to grow your backyard fruit garden from long-term storage seeds.

These emergency survival storage seeds are non-GMO and unparalleled in their ability to grow in all climate zones. Garden fruit seeds are triple sealed in Mylar bags; use them all at once or re-seal what's left and put back into long-term emergency storage. Survival fruit seeds have high germination rates resulting in successful crops. Harvest and plant the seeds from your garden's fruits for continual produce.

Included Seeds -

Fruit Garden Survival Seed Kit Features -

  • Specially Dried & Sealed for Maximum Storage Life
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • 5 Year shelf life with germination rates over 80%
  • Up to 15 years with germination rates over 50%
  • Store in Freezer to further extend storage life
  • Open-pollinated seeds - Recover and save seeds
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Non-GMO
  • Sealed in double thick mylar
  • Re-sealed in pest resistant bucket
  • Growing Guide Included

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