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Outdoor wild life emergency direct drinking water filtering tool Disinfection individual water purifier Portable filter straw

Outdoor wild life emergency direct drinking water filtering tool Disinfection individual water purifier Portable filter straw

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B-QM survival water-drinking filter straw, the world's top Mini(Pen-size), Lightweight and Mobile(Easy to carry), is the safees

Self-rescue survival drinking tool for outdoor use. Can purify the river water, rainwater, lake water and other water kinds from nature into direct drinking water!!!

1. Special Features: Four-stage filtration system! Water Filter contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out.

2. Rapidly Quench Your Thirst: It features a high flow rate

3. Convenient in Use: Insert it into water and drink directly!

4. Safest: thoughly remove bacteria and virus, can eniminate 99.99%

5. Size:  22.5*3CM


Features:【SURVIVAL DRINKING FILTER STRAW】: The Survival-Straw design is ideal for purifying water from outdoor like river, streams, lakes, ponds, valley, and other contaminated sources. A must for every outdoor travellers!!! It may save your life and refresh you back in many unexpencted conditions!!!

【GIVE YOU A BITE OF LIFE-RESCUE WATER】: Do not belittle such a small gear, it may save you back to life in various harsh conditions! Even  for those long-term travel, this tool can help you go further and possible to complete the whole journey. Small but significant!

【THROUGHLY PURIFY】Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; does not require batteries and has no moving parts. Unlike many similar filters on the market today, Our Rescue Straw can removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria  and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, filtering to an amazing 0.2 microns.

【APPLICATION】: Perfect for outdoor travelling, sports, fitness, emergency, rescue, outdoor exploration, combat, mining, picnic, backpacking, hunting, couting, and emergency preparedness, etc

Use Method:

1. Absorb water with mouth, absorb water out or spin dry after use, replace the lid

2. Life Spam: can purify up to  1000 liters of water, after reach to its life end, the straw will be blocked
Warm Tips:

① Please spit out the first absorb-in water

②Please don't collect saline water or chemically polluted water

③Not put it in microwave

④For longer life span, please try to select the water with less inclusion


Package Includes:

1 x Filter Straw,1 x Syringe,1 x Mountaineering buckle


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